Men's Vacuum Pump Instructions

Vacuum massage with the help of a special pump promotes erection, that is, a method of preventing and treating sexual disorders in the form of reduced erection in men.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

The effect of massage is based on stimulating the blood filling of the corpus cavernosum and increasing the sensitivity of the receptors of the penis. Under the influence of the pressure difference, most of the smallest capillaries are actively opened and filled with blood, which affects the peripheral blood circulation, lymph circulation and localFluid movement has a powerful effect. The blood circulation contains a large number of previously nonfunctional capillaries, eliminating the degenerative changes in the corpus cavernosum. When an erection is induced in a natural way, the blood supply to the male reproductive organs is increased by 5-7 times, while vacuum massage this number reaches higher values (8-12 times), which contributes to a powerful cleaning of the corpus cavernosum and also increases the maleThe elasticity of the blood vessel walls of the reproductive organs. Thanks to this functional "pumping", the entire multi-level structure of the interaction center is restored. Men over 45 benefit from regular vacuum massage (at least 2-3 times a week) to prolong sexual activity.

The use of massage pumps is recommended as a preventive measure against diminished efficacy (premature aging), penile stiffness and pre-coital maximal increase (thickness due to vascular elasticity and maximum blood flow to the reproductive organs during erection). If your erection disappears quickly after using the massager, you will need to use an erection ring that moves from the bulb of the vacuum massager to the base of the penis in conjunction with a pump to inhibit the rapid outflow of blood.

application skills

To enlarge the penis with a vacuum pump:

  • Before using the male vacuum pump, the flask and nozzle (seal) need to be washed with warm water and liquid soap;
  • If the device that creates the vacuum in the flask is connected separately, connect it;
  • Put the nozzle (seal) on the free end of the flask, wide end;
  • Fill the narrow end of the nozzle inside the flask;
  • To facilitate insertion of the penis into the flask, lubricate the nozzle surface adjacent to the penis with a water-based lubricant. To enhance the effect, lubricate the penis with a special erection cream (gel or spray);
  • Insert the penis into the hole of the nozzle, hold the flask perpendicular to the pubic surface, pressing the bottom of the flask firmly against the body to create a tightness. If there is a hole on the surface of the flask, pinch it; if the tightness inside the flask is caused by using a special valve, make sure it is closed;
  • On the other hand, the cavity of the flask is evacuated with the help of several compressions of the pear or by the operation of the piston. If the flask is equipped with an automatic aspirator, operate the device;
  • Hold under vacuum for 30 seconds. After all the above procedures are performed correctly, an erection should be expected;
  • Loosen the hole pinched with your fingers or press the air valve to let air into the flask. Hold the flask with air for a minute (until the erection subsides).
  • Repeat the procedure indicated in the previous two paragraphs 10-15 times, depending on how comfortable your condition is (if discomfort or pain occurs, you must stop the procedure and seek professional advice). The evacuation power and program duration are determined individually. It is important to understand that a male penis is similar to your muscles. In order to achieve the effect of penis enlargement, a long period of daily training is required. The perfect press or nice bicep workout for years. Be patient. . . let's go!!!

Duration and frequency of procedures

For the first two weeks, adhere to the following program frequency: daily, at a convenient time, preferably 1-2 hours before bedtime, follow the above protocol for 10-15 vacuuming and inflating movements.

From the third week, the vacuuming time can be increased to 1 minute, and be sure to increase the rest period to 2 minutes.

How the Pump Works

Pulling air from the pump creates an area of negative pressure around the penis. This area needs to be filled, so blood will actively rush to the penis to fill it up as much as possible, making it grow more than usual. Vacuum massage also helps with tiny tears in penile tissue that regenerate very quickly to form new tissue. Also, as the penis is pushed outward under the influence of massaging the ligaments that support the penis, the penis enlarges.

Who needs a vacuum pump?

All men can use a vacuum massager as a preventive measure to improve erections unless there are any specific medical contraindications. Pumps can also be very useful to restore the strength of repetitive intercourse.

The pump is also used for medical purposes, in cases where men do not have spontaneous erections or have vascular disease.

Using a breast pump after age 40 can significantly extend your sex life. And with irregular sexual intercourse, doctors recommend the use of pumps as the main preventive measure for urogenital disorders.


There are many contraindications to using a vacuum massager. These are especially mental disorders, diseases of the circulatory system, heart failure, inguinal-scrotal hernia, dilated spermatic veins, testicular edema, short frenulum, phimosis, presence of tumors, irritation and disease of the skin of the reproductive organs, various injuries, chronic inflammationand worsening of STDs. In any case, the best solution before using a pump is to consult an expert.

Men's Vacuum Pump Maintenance Tips

  • Before first use or when transferring product to others, the flask, all attached nozzles and seals must be treated with a disinfectant or washed with warm soapy water.
  • Wash the product with warm water and soap before and after use.